[Redfish] ‘Indonesia 1965 : Eyewitness To An Anti-Communist Massacre’ petikan dari Film Panjang ‘Indonesia 1965 Genocide : Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism’

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55 years ago, on 30th September 1965, an attempted coup was used as a pretext by the US-backed Indonesian Army and paramilitary groups to exterminate up to one million people accused of being affiliated with the country’s communist party or supporting leftist politics. We spoke to one of the survivors.

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Indonesia 1965 Genocide : Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism

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Doktor Darsono Prawironegoro 17 Agustus 1948 – 13 Desember 2021 I RiP

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Pembantaian di Indonesia (Genosida 1965-1966) : Peran Perang Propaganda Rahasia Inggris *’Survivor’ 1965 di Indonesia mendesak Pemerintah Inggris untuk meminta maaf

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